About Us

We believe that healthy communities are empowered by healthy businesses. So at CELF, our mission is to grow and connect socially responsible leaders.

What does CELF do?

Every year, CELF and their sponsors hand-pick participants for the Elevate Leadership Programme

These participants are carefully selected to ensure there is equal and significant impact to both the community and enterprise sectors.

The programme helps to connect and elevate organisations and communities within Waikato, New Zealand, while advancing our region.

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Our Core Principles

Key Personalities

Tania Witheford


Brad Jackson

Programme Director

Peter Sun

Founding Programme Director

The CELF Trust

The CELF Trust was founded with one mission: to build future leaders from all walks of life through our leadership programme, who can reimagine a stronger Waikato from a social, environmental, cultural, and economic perspective.

These leaders take charge of their lives while influencing others positively, resulting in a significant contribution to Waikato communities and society, and New Zealand as a whole.

Our chairpersons and trustees consist of a wide range of professionals, from founding members such as David Irving & Bernie Crosby (patron) to programme alumni such as Graeme Geurts & Susan Trodden.

Meet the CELF Trust Team

Our current chairpersons and trustees.

Join our Current Partners

Are you ready to be a part of transforming your community through our leadership programme?


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