Tania Witheford


Tania has always been passionate about helping businesses grow but after many years working in integral roles across the tourism industry she has seen first hand how indispensable it is to foster business growth that interfaces (and benefits) its community. 

After 4 years of loving her Cambridge Chamber of Commerce role, she was invited to apply for her current role at CELF. She saw this as a culmination of all that she’d learned and experienced so far in her business journey. 

She’d seen how healthy communities and healthy businesses relied integrally on each other, and had also had the chance to notice the impact of gaps in leadership within organisations. She knew that if she could enhance leadership capabilities across both business and community organisations, then the potential of the entire region could be lifted.

Her simple but strong approach to life and business, which she saw reflected in one of her favourite leisure activities, waterskiing, boils down to: keep your eyes on the horizon, and enjoy the journey - don’t get caught up in distractions. In a nutshell, she believes that her job at CELF is to provide the support structure necessary for the organisation to succeed at its core mission; and all that she does at CELF is ultimately in service to the community.


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