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Diversity Counselling NZ launches THRIVE

In a significant stride towards inclusivity and support for ethnic communities, Diversity Counselling NZ unveiled THRIVE on April 30, 2024, amidst the vibrant gathering of over 100 community membersRead more

Keeping You Growing

Brett Maber: Cultivating Leadership and Growth at Power Farming In the heart of New Zealand's agricultural industry, where tradition meets innovation, stands Brett Maber, a figure whose leadershipRead more

Sustainability: Walk The Talk

Celebrating the success of our inaugural event on March 23rd, Sustainability: Walk The Talk (SWTT) sets the stage for action-focused learning and networking. Sponsored by Hamilton City Council and CRead more

CELF Alumni Leader of the Year 2023

Our congratulations go  to Brett Maber.  Brett was a finalist for the Alumni Leader of the Year Award in 2022 and in 2023.  Brett was late to a conversation because he had been out on the field,Read more

CELF Alumni Leader of the Year 2023

The Alumni Leader of the Year Award recognises the positive impact and contribution a leader and their leadership has had on their own organisation and community, exemplifying the mission and values Read more

CELF's Elevate Class of 2023 Graduates

The Class of 2023 Graduates:  Back from the left:  Cam Corkill (BNZ), Steven Robertson (WEL), Tom Jackson (Prolife), 2nd Row: Joanne Turner (Hamilton Christian Night Shelter), Tania Pointon (SEED),Read more

Kylie's Leadership Insights

Kylie Leonard's leadership journey spans from the methodical routines of a dairy farm to the structured debates of council chambers. With a foundation built on passion, leadership, and family roots,Read more

CELF Taster

Our first (Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation) CELF Taster event will provide opportunity for you to bring along a colleague, friend, fellow leader, to gain insight about CELF. Our aim isRead more

Class of 2022 Graduates

The Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation (CELF) celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2022 at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato on Thursday 10 November 202Read more

Walk with the Wise and Become Wise

BY:  Cathan Bowler - Story Hub Podcaster: It’s one of my favourite proverbs that captures the essence of my Dad’s advice for me as I started out in my KPMG internship. “Son, Business isRead more

Keeping Up with Kaumatua

Until I met Rangimahora Reddy (CEO), I did not know anything about Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust (Rauawaawa), the location, the depth and breadth of services offered across health andRead more

Leadership Matters

Brendon McLean - Prolife Foods If you are an organisation in the Waikato and you are looking at developing your leaders and building stronger connections across the region there is nothing moreRead more

CELFie Spotlight

Transforming Lives through Sports: Thomas Nabbs and The Waterboy's Inspiring Story

Lots of Little Fires is thrilled to share the remarkable story of Thomas Nabbs, the founder and director of The Waterboy with Lugtons and Taku Wairua.

The organisation aims to provide equitable access to sporting opportunities and personal development for young individuals who face challenges due to their environment. This heart-warming story highlights the transformative power of knowledge, identity, and support in shaping the lives of young people.

"By passing down stories and lessons from one generation to another, we can help young people develop a sense of pride in their heritage and build a strong foundation for their future."

Discover the story behind Power Farming's evolution from traditional roots to a beacon of innovation under Brett Maber's leadership. Witness how embracing core values of hard work, respect, and collective effort can lead to a legacy of reliability and trust.

Kylie Leonard's journey through the Elevate Leadership Programme was sponsored by Tompkins Wake in 2019.
Her progress since then has been nothing short of inspirational. Kylie Leonard, Class of 2019 & CELF Alumni Leader of the Year 2022, shares her leadership insights.


Join us, as we engage in candid conversations with leaders from a diverse range of business and enterprise.  Alongside this we have selected a range of other podcasts where leadership is the common theme.  

Pat Peoples, Managing DirectorSchick Civil Construction,one of New Zealand's largest privately owned civil infrastructure companies, joins Heather Claycomb, Managing Director - HMC, an award-winning New Zealand PR agency and Tania Witheford, Executive Director of the Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation to discuss the impact of "Living your why,  leading with and communicating purpose." 

Pat candidly shares his leadership journey and the evolution of Schick Civil Construction over his 20 plus years at the helm, where they have doubled size every five years and where his team remain the number one priority.

Central to this there are some great lessons about how to truly live your organisation's "why" and how to communicate purpose and values throughout an organisation, whilst rapidly expanding and where the landscape is constantly changing. 

Pat reflects on his time in high-performance sport as an Olympic rower in the 1990's and how he has applied some of these learnings to his business.

The Story Hub

Cathan Bowler,  speaks to Kiwi professionals of the careers, experiences, lessons and leadership moments.  Among these are interviews with some of our CELF alumni; Leonard Gardner - Foster Construction and Pat Peoples - Schick Civil Construction.

Enjoy - thank you Cathan.


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