Walk with the Wise and Become Wise

BY:  Cathan Bowler - Story Hub Podcaster:

It’s one of my favourite proverbs that captures the essence of my Dad’s advice for me as I started out in my KPMG internship. “Son, Business is relationships. Meet people and get to know their story.” So I did. During the 2019/2020 summer (assuming you believe Wellington has a summer) I met with 41 of the management consultants in our team. From Partners to Grads, I started with the simple question of - What is your story?

Listening to 41 distinct journeys, I discovered not only key lessons to living smarter in different stages in my future career, but these conversations widened the scope of what I believed to be possible. That inspiration spurred me to pursue sharing the stories I heard. I wanted to pass on quality principles explained through personal stories, to help the lessons become tangible and memorable. So many unique successful Kiwi journeys were waiting to be explored. So I bought some mics.

I knew the perfect story to start the podcast off with. Celia Austin's story didn’t succumb to the traditional career path. An Art History degree doesn’t usually lead to a Big Four consulting job, and her journey made an excellent story. Through a wide-ranging discussion touching on perfectionism, developing quality mentor relationships, and her journey to Deloitte, we had the first episode of The Story Hub Podcast which went live in early 2022. It’s a podcast dedicated to helping you live smarter and be inspired by the journeys of successful Kiwi professionals. I firmly believe you can learn from others’ mistakes and achievements, and that what is possible for your life is greater than you currently imagine.

Not everyone will get to have coffee with Celia and ask her about her journey, but they are able to listen to our deep discussion. Since the inspiration for the podcast in my internship, we have recorded and released 14 episodes covering various industries and backgrounds. The Story Hub is here so you can hear about the walks of the wise, and become inspired & wise. Listen as we talk through successful Kiwi professionals personal journeys to where they are today and discuss the lessons they’ve learnt. These long form conversations ranging from 45 mins to 2 hours are unique and memorable. Why not start living smarter by learning from people like Leonard Gardner (CEO - Foster Construction) and Renae Smart (Director - Civtec) Hear their reflections on their journey so far and help your own journey follow a better path.

The Story Hub is available on all main podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music. I truly hope you enjoy the conversations as much as I have, they are waiting for you to learn from them. So if you are looking for inspiration, if you want to live smarter - Listen now!


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