CELF Board Profile - Andrew Boyd

Next up in the CELF Board Profile series is General Manager of St John New Zealand, CELF Alumni and Trustee, Andrew Boyd. We asked Andrew a series of questions, and these were his answers.

What is your life philosophy? How did you develop this philosophy?
We are here on Earth for a very short time. Within two generations we are forgotten. Our legacy survives in the people we touch, help and encourage on the way through life. Ego gets in the way of service to others. Buddha had some lessons we can all learn.

Who have been your strongest influences in life?
My Grandfather. A humble man. A tower of strength. A builder by trade. I owe the way I over-engineer everything, to his lessons in life.

What led you to your career? 
Relentless curiosity. I just had to know how things work, and also why things don’t work. A useful obsession when trying to understand the human condition and how individuals thrive in teams and teams of teams.

What are you most proud of accomplishing? 
My children. When you have children, everything you do is more about the future than the past, and definitely not about yourself. They seem to be well-balanced humans despite their Dad.

What is your hidden talent or superpower?
Active listening. I can build rapport quickly. People open up and share their greatest challenges. This was useful as a strategy consultant and as a people leader.

What book/podcast are you reading/listening to now?
“Greenlights” by Mathew McConaughey. A great example of life-long learning, making your own opportunities and not relying on chance alone, and the value of Values to guide us in life.


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