CELF Board Profile - Susan Trodden

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling CELF board members to give you insight into the people behind the Foundation. First up is Co-chair Susan Trodden! We asked Susan a series of questions, and these were her answers.

Describe your biggest obstacles in life and how you mastered them.
It might seem trite, but being left handed has been a real challenge for me. It really still is a right handers world.. The fact that I’m also a redhead puts me in a fairly small subset of the population. That wasn’t much fun growing up either. I manage by reminding myself I’m special

What was your biggest epiphany: the moment of life-defining change that shaped you into the person you are today. What's your biggest learning so far?
Oh, so many epiphanies! But the one that comes to mind right now is this: Not everyone will like me and that’s ok. Another was the StrengthFinder work done with CELF in which I learned that my number one trait was forgiveness, followed by Hope, then Zest. Lucky for me they kind of go together 😊 – and help with the first epiphany!

What is your life philosophy. How did you develop this philosophy?
Make a difference, make it happen. Lots of inward reflection, the CELF journey and further study helped me develop a personal ‘framework’ – this phrase was the result of this and sits at the centre of everything I do.

Who have been your strongest influences in life?
My two grandmothers – one an OBE awarded Trade Unionist, the other a fabulously talented but humble homemaker. The skills I learnt from both of them set me up for life and continue to influence me, even those both are long passed on.

What led you to your career?
The grandmothers – a sense of social justice, the art of hospitality and my life philosophy.

What are you most proud of accomplishing?
So many proud moments – creating two awesome humans tops the list, but also the work I have achieved in my career and community life. It’s small stuff but it all counts

What is your hidden talent or superpower?
As above, the superpower is forgiveness. My hidden talent according to my kids is making the best lasagne. I can also back a trailer 😉

What book or podcast are you reading or listening to now?
A novel about a man who kills his wife in a fit of rage and when coming out of prison wants to rebuild his relationship with his children and in-laws. It’s raw but thought provoking. Podcasts – Table Manners (interviews with famous people about food), Honeycombe (about NZ food and drink) and Modern Love (from the New York Times). Nothing too serious right now.


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