Class of 2020

Life changing Leadership

On Friday 20 November, The Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation, celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2020.  The programme commenced in August 2019, due for completion in April 2020, however COVID changed all that.

The final portion of the programme, included an exit residency and waka journey became part of CELF's Leadership week, finishing with graduation of the Class of 2020 and the announcement of the inaugrual Alumni Leader of the Year Award.

Pictured above:
Front row:  Chelsey Hawthorn, Kristine Clarke, Sharon Laurie, Kate Shirtcliff, Justin White, Bryn Little, Karen Hoskin, Sami Street, Tyron Pini & David Slone.
Back row: Darren Ward, Ben Royfee, Andy Mannering, Brett Maber & Colin Vette
Not Pictured: Jenny Nand & Matt Archibald

Thomas Nabbs (The Waterboy) was nominated by the Class of 2020 cohort to speak on their behalf with regards CELF Elevate Leadership programme.


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