A Leader's Perspective

Leading with and communicating purpose

BY:  Heather Claycomb - HMC

Unfortunately for many organisations, their purpose, mission, vision and values can be beautifully written statements that look great on a poster but have a hard time jumping off the page and coming to life.
This is not the case with owner and managing director of Schick Civil Construction, Pat Peoples.  He is a leader who truly understands what it means for a business to ‘live’ its why.  And he’s taken a very pragmatic approach to communicating and instilling that purpose and Schick’s company values into his fast-growing team.

In the “Leading with and communicating purpose” podcast, leaders will gain insight into how to:

  • Break down your organisation’s ‘why’ and bring it to life with your daily actions.
  • Benefit from making your people – not your customers – the most important stakeholder in your business.
  • Give shareholders the greatest return by putting others in the business first.
  • Instil core values into new people, including acquired organisations’ teams, as you assimilate them into your organisation.
  • Plus, Pat shares with us some of the leadership lessons he has learned during his career, including those he brought with him following his time as an Olympic rower in the 1990s.  Spoiler alert: hard work while also enjoying the journey is incredibly important.

Finally, you won’t want to miss our discussion with Pat about his big dream of achieving his goal of giving away $100 million by the time he retires.  He’s got big plans to bless his community.  So, tune in to be inspired!

CELF and HMC thank Pat for taking time out of his busy schedule to be our inaugural podcast guest. 

If you know an inspiring leader who should be a guest on either CELF’s A Leader’s Perspective podcast or HMC’s CRUNCH podcast, get in touch.

CELF: tania@celf.org.nz
HMC: heather@wearehmc.co.nz

Introducing HMC

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