CELF - New Dates

Class of 2021 - April 2021

Coronavirus has without a doubt thrown us one heck of a curveball, and each of us be impacted uniquely. Uncertainty is the currency and change is the platform.

A Silver Lining

The Coronavirus situation has provided a unique opportunity for us to:

  • Pause and reflect on our five years of operation, our performance and programme,  relative to our founding principles, impact and outcomes
  • Review our programme, content, design and delivery 
  • Reset the commencement and timing of the CELF Elevate Leadership Programme.

The Class of 2021 will commence in the first week of April  and run through to November 2021 

This means the programme will operate for eight (8) consecutive months, improving continuity of the programme.

Our existing timing meant over the Christmas and summer holiday season, we  lost some of the momentum gathered and whilst not major, the continuity retained in this new programme schedule, will add value.

For more information see our programme outline details


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