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Cultivating Leadership

Brett Maber: Cultivating Leadership and Growth at Power Farming

In the heart of New Zealand's agricultural industry, where tradition meets innovation, stands Brett Maber, a figure whose leadership journey epitomises the essence of growth and community empowerment. As a director at Power Farming, Maber has not only advanced the company's legacy but also redefined the paradigms of leadership within the agricultural sector.

A Journey Rooted in Resilience

For Maber, leadership was not a path paved with accolades from an early age but a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and unexpected realisation. Despite the challenges posed by dyslexia, he found his stride, learning that leadership transcends conventional indicators often placed on young learners. His unique perspective and experiences solidified over the years the true essence of leadership: the ability to foster growth, inspire action, and unite individuals towards a common goal.

Redefining Leadership

Maber's definition of leadership is grounded in empathy, continuous learning, and the courage to navigate the unknown. This perspective was significantly shaped by his involvement with the Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation (CELF), where he encountered pivotal moments that transformed his approach to leadership. Through CELF, Maber gained insights into the psychology of leadership, recognising it as a "cheat code to life" that unravelled the complexities of human motivation and collaboration.

Fostering Community Growth

Under Maber's stewardship, Power Farming has embraced a role that extends beyond the realms of agriculture. The company is deeply woven into the fabric of its community, championing initiatives that support local development and well-being. Maber's leadership has steered Power Farming towards impactful charitable endeavours, reinforcing the company's commitment to nurturing the community that sustains it.

Legacy and Values: The Core of Power Farming

At the heart of Maber's leadership philosophy are the core values inherited from family traditions. Hard work, respect, and the acknowledgement of collective effort form the cornerstone of Power Farming's ethos. These values, coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, have guided the company's journey towards excellence.

The renewal of Power Farming's purpose statement—We Keep You Growing—serves as a testament to Maber's visionary leadership. It encapsulates the dual mission of supporting agricultural growth while fostering the development of individuals within the organisation and the wider community.

A Legacy of Truth and Aspiration

Looking ahead, Maber envisions a future where the legacy of Power Farming is not merely measured by its commercial success but by the positive impact it has on the community and the agricultural industry at large. His leadership journey, characterised by empathy, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of growth, offers invaluable lessons in the power of nurturing potential within individuals and communities alike.

In a world that often equates leadership with authority and brute power, Brett Maber stands as a refreshing example of true leadership—defined by the unwavering commitment to keep people growing, whether they are farmers nurturing the land or individuals striving towards their personal and professional aspirations.


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