Join us, as we engage in candid conversations with leaders from a diverse range of business and enterprise.  

Each of our guests provide key insights into their lived and learned experiences of their leadership journey. Our desire is for you to be able to take advantage of the learnings shared to grow your leadership capability, encourage your exploration of different aspects of leadership more thoroughly and to assist you to influence others positively.

Pat Peoples, Managing DirectorSchick Civil Construction,one of New Zealand's largest privately owned civil infrastructure companies, joins Heather Claycomb, Managing Director - HMC, an award-winning New Zealand PR agency and Tania Witheford, Executive Director of the Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation to discuss the impact of "Living your why,  leading with and communicating purpose." 

Pat candidly shares his leadership journey and the evolution of Schick Civil Construction over his 20 plus years at the helm, where they have doubled size every five years and where his team remain the number one priority.

Central to this there are some great lessons about how to truly live your organisation's "why" and how to communicate purpose and values throughout an organisation, whilst rapidly expanding and where the landscape is constantly changing. 

Pat reflects on his time in high-performance sport as an Olympic rower in the 1990's and how he has applied some of these learnings to his business.