Community and Enterprise Leadership
Community and Enterprise Leadership

Community & Enterprise Leadership Programme

The Community & Enterprise Leadership Programme aspires to build future leaders from all walks of life who can reimagine wealth creation from a social, environmental, cultural and economic perspective. Leaders take charge of their lives while influencing others positively, resulting in a significant contribution for the community, society, and New Zealand as a whole. Leaders are driven to leave a positive legacy for succeeding generations.

Leadership is complex, it requires individuals to understand themselves and others, and to be able to influence through the force of their values and character. This programme will develop your essential leadership skills, skills that can be applied within any context (communities and organisations). The key feature of the programme is the cross-sector transfer of learning.

In the programme you will identify and work on your own organisation or community-based projects, where leadership skills can be utilised and developed, with the aim of developing practical leadership skills through learning by doing.

Throughout the programme you will be observed in action by mentors and feedback will be actively given by project team members and peers enabling you to continuously improve and grow as a leader.

Key Features of the Programme

  • All workshops will have key speakers and be action-orientated.
  • Five field visits to learn and observe community-based projects at work, including a two-day field trip.
  • Continuous learning through active feedback from peers, mentors, programme staff and work colleagues.
  • You will become an alumnus of the programme.

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Have significantly lifted your leadership capability to the benefit of yourself, your current employer, and your community. You will be a noticeably better leader, you will know yourself, and be aware of your impact on others.
  • Have a plan describing how you will use your leadership capability in the future.
  • Have established a wide network of leadership relationships.
  • Know your community and understand what your leadership capability can bring to it.
  • Have created a trusting relationship with your workplace manager, and agree on how your new capabilities can be applied in the workplace.


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